Fundamentals Of Research In Medicine

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Dear participant.

We are so pleased to inform you that the International Emergency Medicine Education Project completed a series of 19 videos on fundamentals of research  which targets young researchers. It contains direct simple advise that Prof Fikri Abu-Zidan gave to medical students, PhD students and young researchers trying to guide them step by step on how to perform proper research projects stemming from his personal experience and avoiding mistakes he did. 

Prof Fikri Abu-Zidan is a world-renowned expert on trauma, POCUS and disaster medicine research. He shares his 40 years of experience as a researcher.

The course includes 19 episodes (videos). Its total video time is 239 minutes. Students and young researchers can find simply explained research concepts in these short videos.

At the end of this course, you will

  • Know the steps of research from start to publishing
  • Understand the ethical aspects of research
  • Understand the importance of research question, planning, research design, methodology
  • Understand data collection and data analysis
  • Understand writing and fine tuning of a manuscript
  • Understand presentation of the research
  • Understand submission processes to journal
  • Understand strategies to answer reviewers comments

We hope you will enjoy to listen real-life examples from a world expert.