About Us

iEM Course is a social responsibility initiative of iEM Education Project

What is iEM COURSE?

The iEM COURSE is a social responsibility initiative of the International Emergency Medicine Project. It aims to provide free open online emergency medicine courses to medical students.

For more information about the International Emergency Medicine Education Project, please visit the iEM website. 


We are facing a challenging time for medical education because of recent coronavirus pandemic. The majority of medical schools are trying to implement e-learning technologies into their teaching/learning methods for their students. These efforts mainly address the need for premedical and pre-clerkship year students. Teaching students in clinical years can be more difficult because clinical teachers of emergency medicine are already working in the hospital in these difficult times. Besides, teaching may not be a priority in some institutions because of the lack of resources. To carry a little bit of clinical teachers' load and help medical students to continue learning emergency medicine, we open a free open online course platform for medical students around the world.

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What Our Students Have to Say

The course content was good enough to buildup emergency patient management. Thanks everyone for good initiative.
M. Rashed
From Bangladesh
I love the course. I can not think of anything better.
V. Nansimbe
From Uganda
This course is good for everyone who want to know more about emergency medicine
R. Inzati
From Indonesia