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Emergency Medicine courses for medical students

For medical students_4w_EMC

iEM/Lecturio Emergency Medicine Core Content Course

point of care ultrasound for medical students

Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma

point of care ultrasound for medical students

Rapid Ultrasound in Shock and Hypotension

covid-19 clinical readiness course

iEM/Lecturio – COVID-19 Clinical Readiness Course

What Our Students Have to Say

It's the best thing I have done on this month. It dismantle my doubts on emergency medicine and significantly increased my confidence in the topics covered.
S. Salim
From Ethiopia
It has been the best free online course I have found in all the time. I greatly appreciate your help to all medical students who have been through a moment of disappointment at the cancellation of our daily activities. It has been very helpful. God bless you.
A. de Leon
From Guatemala
This course makes me more understand about emergency medicine. Thank you very much.
R. Inzati
From Indonesia